Located in a picturesque area of Poiana Brasov resort, in a cool clearing, at the foot of the fir forests, right in the heart of the famous resort, Boutique Hotel Casa Emil was built to be a special place among all other accommodation units from Poiana Brasov.

The architecture and materials used are complemented by special arrangements and decorations. Thus, inaugurated in the summer of 2006, Botique Hotel Casa Emil in Poiana Brașov is the first boutique hotel in the resort, with 4 large double rooms, a standard double room and two apartments each with its own story, being decorated in a unique architectural style, revealing their own name and giving their guests unique moments, feelings and emotions.

All this we hope will contribute to the creation of a special atmosphere of accommodation, special and relaxing, which will offer our customers the chance of a very special stay, able to determine them to remember with pleasure the period spent here. Your desire to return to Poiana Brasov will be stimulated by the entire team that will be at their disposal with all the training, qualification, education and dedication of its members.

The special feeling that Boutique Hotel Casa Emil will offer it’s guests is generated by the conceptual way in which the boutique hotel was built from the very beginning: the idea from which everything started and which is alive even now is that of an accommodation that keeps the label of quality, good taste, attention to details, at it’s highest level of satisfaction.

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